Who We Are

Who We Are

We're licensed real estate agents authorized to help you avoid foreclosure.  We've have over 12 years experience in this niche of the real estate industry and are prepared to help you.

Our team is geared up and ready to assist you in exploring your options and determining if the short sale solution is the right path for you.

With, collectively, over 32 years of real estate experience and over 217 short sales completed you know you're in the right hands.

What We Do

We know you're probably feeling fear, shame, and guilt.  It's ok, we know how to help you and we will if you allow us to.

We help homeowners avoid foreclosure, which can be detrimental to your credit score and finances.  Colorado is a non-forgiveness state which can lead to owing the bank money if your property gets foreclosed on.

We help you avoid foreclosure by completing a real estate short sale which can lead to preserving your credit score and usually 100% debt-forgiveness.  You can walk away with dignity and know you did what you could.

Contact us for a real estate assessment to determine if you qualify for a real estate short sale.